The Many Hair Colours of Nia

Hello Angels!

Side note: this posted before i was finished so if it is edited heavily, I’m sorry and it’s also been published and deleted.

This is just a little post as I’ve had a lot of questions about how many colours and combinations I’ve had my hair, so I thought I’d show them all in one place.

A lot of reviews have since been updated and altered (especially my grey hair ones) so I’ll also give a little overview.

You’ll wonder how I have hair left- most of this has been in a 3 year time period😅

So, I was ginger: I honestly loved it, but I was in a place where comments people passed made me change it. I do want to go orange some day, so it will make a return sort of. I used a Superdrug own dye over my dark brown hair and it took it to that shade in one go. They sadly discontinued the dye, otherwise I’d recommend.

I then went bright purple, and it faded in a few washes to that sunset style hair. It was Adore dye, and safe to say, I didn’t adore it. I loved it while it lasted- just didn’t last that long.

Then came the dark purple: almost black, but it did admittedly fade to a nice purple. But, it was permanent, and it faded incredibly quickly. This was Live XXL dye in Mystic Violet I think, I stuck with it awhile, but made a mix…

I used to dye my hair with the Live XXL dye (or a Superdrug own dye in Cosmic Purple I think?) then go over it with Colour Freedom Crimson Red dye, to give it more definition and more tones, and I loved that a lot.

I then tried Colour Freedom Truly Blue: as you can see, it went green at first, which I now know was because it was on a yellow/orange base and blue on top will make green. After another coat though, you can see my hair was a deep, rich blue colour (and I was very happy about the dog I was cuddling).

I then went green AND THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN😭 I honestly did love the green a lot and it was a stunning colour, but it refused to leave point blank. It was Stargazer Tropical Green and it has staying power. It’s never properly gone away (my own fault, we’ll get onto that) and it haunts me so if you want green based hair forever, it’s the dye for you.

Then came the dark grey/black. It was the only colour that would cover the green so I sucked it up and had normal hair for about 3 months? I liked it, but again, it was too normal for me. This was Stone Grey by Colour Freedom- I can no longer vouch for the dye as from my recent experience and from hearing others, it’s gone WAY downhill. That being said, this is near enough black so I don’t think much could go wrong.

I then tried to use Silver Grey by Colour Freedom on a blonde base and that happened: it was green. All the effort of me bleaching and bleach bathing and the (surprisingly minimal) damage done to my hair was wasted. I’ll be honest, the picture where I’m pulling a stupid face I don’t mind, I shoulda dealt with it, but I’m Nia and I refuse to deal with that shit.

Then we fixed that mess by going a shade darker with still Colour Freedom Graphite Grey. Again, it was too sensible for me and honestly too on trend so that stayed about 3 months too. I think I grew to resent it because of the pain I’d gone through. THIS is the dye I’m going to revisit later on, and my review has changed COMPLETELY.

From there, we went red, and I think this is the longest I’ve had a hair colour. I dyed it in March/April last year and kept it until November. This first brand was Garnier Olia or a Superdrug own red- I went between the two depending what was on offer. I loved red hair and part of me honestly regrets getting rid of it and skipping ALL THE WAY over the colour wheel, but we’ll get to that.

Then I stayed with red, but made it brighter with Directions Pillar Box Red and Poppy Red mix. Honestly, the favourite colour I’ve been- it was bright, vibrant, and although I bleached my roots, the rest of my hair was so healthy because it was a semi permanent dye, but it lasted longer than half the permanent dyes I used.

Then I skipped the colour wheel and went Plum by Directions. It was beautiful and vibrant and I was so happy… Until I realised it was blue based and yes, my hair was again stained blue and green. The dye is incredible and was so pretty, but I’ve made a vow to avoid blue based because the pain of them fading. I’ve included stages of me fading the colour too, so you can see the different tones it went- we nicknamed it mermaid vomit.

Then I HOPED to go to dark grey. I’d put it on a blue base, so I’d expected a steel blue, but it went green/blue within 3 weeks when I didn’t try to fade it at all. I used keratin oil shampoo for dyed hair, normal conditioner, and the grey elements flooded out. My roots were brown a d gold with some grey, my ends going blue. Guess what dye? THAT’S RIGHT, Graphite Grey. You can blame me and say it was on a blue base, but there’s people I know who have had platinum hair and dyed it and that too has gone blue. My advice? Avoid unless you go for the really dark shades, because they’re so hit and miss it’s unbelievable. My brother dyed his hair that shade and it was exactly the same as before he dyed it: brown.

So what next? I’m giving it a couple of weeks for it to fade more and heal then bleaching it and changing colour.

I completely resent grey hair.

I hoped you enjoyed this journey. I’ve been many colours and colour combinations (I think we once counted 30 in 3 years), these are just the main ones- I’ve been blonde for a day, ginger/blonde for a day, black and blonde for a day. I’ve just included the ones I kept awhile or had to keep awhile.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels❤️


8 Replies to “The Many Hair Colours of Nia”

    1. Thank you lovely 😘 And I’ve not because I don’t use L’Oréal products because of animal testing, but I know friends have and it 100% depends on your hair colour, condition and the colour you dye it- blues and greens stain REALLY badly apparently (like with other dyes) but reds and pinks fade fast and wash out. It depends how long you want a colour for too- if you want it awhile, try Directions because I’ve learned to swear by them, but if it’s a wash in/out, the L’Oréal ones should work? Hope I helped a little ☺️

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