Just Outside- Moose Blood Review

Hello Angels!

I’m here with another review, and this time, it is from another of my favourite bands (I’m being spoiled this year). If you’ve never heard Moose Blood, go listen as soon as you can: they’re an incredible band and I’ve been a fan for a few years now.

Just Outside is their newest single released from their upcoming album I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore, due to be released Thursday (I’m screaming) and the third single released from this album, the prior two being Have I Told You Enough and Talk in Your Sleep‘ (both linked in case you wanna catch up on releases).

I’ve already downloaded this song and I’d be surprised, but by this point, I’d be more surprised if Moose Blood released a bad song- easily one of the most consistent bands that I’ve listened to. By this, I mean that in every aspect: they’re consistently good, they’re always friendly to fans and supporters, and their sound is consistent.

But, I’ll go on to talking about Just Outside itself. It begins with a guitar riff I come to expect from Moose Blood: there’s an old school punk-pop-indie sound to it, backed by an incredible drum beat (I’m in awe of how drummers do it, especially Lee Munday who is up there with some of my favourite drummers, because with drumming there’s so much to do and such an important role) which gives it an upbeat sound, carried on through the bassline by Kyle Todd which honestly helps carry the song through and along; unless you’re the Black Keys, you need a bassist in a band or things just won’t mesh. Although, lyric wise, Moose Blood may not always be the most upbeat and may be sad or bitter, 9 times outta 10, the song will sound happy and it’s not until you think as you sing along and realise that there’s some pain in there.

And bringing me onto that point, the first line: “I saw you lose your mind.” which is shortly followed by the line “You said ‘it’s nice not being here'”. Yes, despite the happy music under it, the lyrics? Not so happy. And I love it.

I know if you read my last review (which I’ll leave here) you’ll be thinking I’m a hypocrite and due to how much I love this band, I’m slightly biased. But that’s where you’re wrong. With Next to Me by Imagine Dragons, it didn’t work because there was too much going on, too many contrasting sounds, too much drama. With this, Eddy Brewerton’s (and also Mark Osbourne’s) voice fits perfectly, every riff and beat fit like a dream: the only thing that contrasts is the lyrics, but in typical Moose Blood fashion… it works. Due to the genre that the band may fall in to (there’s heavy punk pop influences, but there’s a more modern, indie sound) it’s a typical trope for the lyrics to not match, for there to be hidden mess in the joy of the sound: it makes it both relatable, but not depressing. That’s not an insult; out of the bands that go down this route, Moose Blood rein supreme and do it with such precision and mastery that it leaves many bands in their shadow.

I can’t find fault with the song. As usual, I’m in awe of the skill each band member has, and the story the song tells. With every album, their sound improves, there’s more precision with it, more direction. It makes me excited to hear the album in full (believe me, a review will be up) but also already looking forward already for what’s next. What else can they do?

So, is this song as good as Cherry (you can’t compare them in sound and tone at all- Cherry is just my favourite song by them so it’s my marker point) and does it make me feel as much? Yes and no. Lyrically, it’s impeccable and the story behind the song is clear, and I feel connected. But it doesn’t hit me as hard, but that song is hard to touch for me. Listening to this and the songs on the album which have been released, I’m ready for a journey and I’m excited.

Good luck to them on their tour, and enjoy the success; you honestly really deserve it.

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ❤️

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