Let’s Talk About it: Beauty Standards

Hello Angels!

I wanted to start a weekly post where I tackle a topic: because of what’s been going on in the beauty and fashion industry in the past week or so, I wanted to tackle beauty standards first.

Makeup and Beauty:

Yes, I’ve seen the shitshow that is L’Oréal saying that they won’t work with influencers with skin conditions, including acne. In my opinion, this is incredibly ridiculous. First of all, as shocking as it is, models also get acne and spots: it’s just photoshopped out and expertly covered. That isn’t right.

As someone who has acne, if I cared about the opinion of them, I’d feel as if I couldn’t wear the brand: like (and it’s old news and I’ll mention it later but when companies only want young skinny people wearing their clothes) I was being excluded. I don’t use or wear L’Oréal products because they openly test on animals and I don’t use products tested on animals; it’s unnecessary.

If you have acne, or another skin condition, whether it be considered ‘minor’ or ‘major’, you’re beautiful. You don’t need to wear a brand that refuses to let real people promote their brand, usually for free. I know that I’d already boycott them, but this just furthers my opinion that others should to.

This was brought to attention by an influencer called emeraldxbeauty- I follow her on Instagram and she’s such a sweet woman and she’s STUNNING, whether you can see her acne or not. I’m proud of her to draw attention to it because it takes guts, especially with a company so big with huge influencers connecting to it.

Acne doesn’t make you less beautiful. I suffer acne, so I get it: you don’t feel pretty. But, and I’ll say this again later in the post, but others don’t see what we see. That huge spot? Probably not to huge to other people. That scarring? Probably not as noticeable as it is to you. If someone makes a comment then they deserve a kick up the arse outta your life. Their opinion doesn’t matter: what matters is yours. Judgemental people will judge, but they’re not worth your time.

Body Shaming:

This one I know about because of a woman I follow, again on Instagram, and my gears were officially ground. There’s a body shaming trend going around in the pinup community and it makes me sick.

Some may not know, but I did used to do vintage modelling and some pinup stuff. Not much, but I did dabble, and for some plan I have for uni I’m going to have to do some more.

(The silver dress one is just a selfie, but you can see my body changes throughout all of them: my weight goes up and down a lot)

The pinup community is where I felt safest: whether I was tiny skinny or more curvy, I felt accepted. But apparently that’s changing and it’s awful.

Whether skinny, curvy, bigger or somewhere in the middle, whether a size 8 or 18, small boobs or big, big arse or small: your body is valid and you’re beautiful, as long as you’re healthy. Look at the old school pinup models: they’re usually curvy. Not all of them, but usually they are; that was the sought after body type. To have a tiny waist but a tummy and thighs and an arse and boobs: that was sought after. Any pinup is a valid pinup, but why are people shaming others in the most accepting modeling ‘genre’ if you will.

So yes: if you’re one of the pinups shaming people?
Fuck you and fuck off.

I’ve struggled a lot with my body image and body confidence for years now and I still struggle today. For me, I look at the art and tattoos that make me feel beautiful. Eventually, I begin to see myself as art: art is always imperfect but always beautiful in a way. We don’t see ourselves how others see us; our eyes are drawn to our own flaws while they’re drawn to others beauty.

My mum has been my champion in making me feel beautiful and reminding me I am. When with boys who would see s stretch mark and run, she reminded me of how beautiful I was inside and out. We all need a mum or a person in our lives like my mum- I’d be lost completely without her.

Then, although in my life only 6 months, not a day goes by where Connor doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful. He’s an incredible person who I’m lucky to have (he’s also lucky to have me because I’m a great girlfriend and hilarious but) and I think girls (and boys) go for people they shouldn’t to seek validation. Those people in the end make you feel worse. Don’t go for dickheads- you can see how a man will treat you from how they treat their mother (in reason). Find someone who loves you and thinks you’re beautiful when you’re an angry pile of probable sobbing and nursing a food baby. I’m glad I did.

Every body is a good body as long as you’re healthy. As long as you aren’t battling an eating disorder (because it can be both under and over eating) and you’re healthy and a good person, you’re beautiful. Don’t let people tell you differently.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels❤️

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