Student Life: Making a Little Money

Hello Angels!

Okay, so after a year of being a student, I think I can properly talk about this issue; the money issue. But, because of that, I can also give a few hints on how to make a little money to tide you over and keep you going- and this goes for both life after and while being a student. If you’re soon becoming a student, keep note; when you get your loan, you will marvel at the money, but also marvel as you lose your money.

So, without further digression, here are some tips to keep you afloat and help you MAKE money (I’ll save the tips on saving when I figure that out myself, I have a minor shopping addiction)

1. A Part Time Job
Yes, I know, the dreaded ‘J’ word. I know they’re difficult to find and balancing work, social life and uni is difficult. But, they will tide you over and keep money going into your account. If you’ve got bills to pay, if you’ve got food to buy, rent to pay (or in the case of some people I know, an overdraft to pay) then this will keep you afloat. Just make sure you do hit a balance; there’s no point in studying and paying for something if you’re only working to pay for that something. You still need to study and you still need to see people- whether it be friends or family.

2. Sell online:
I do this and you bet your arse it helps. For me, I sell things at a reasonable price, and buy packaging items in bulk; if you wrap things in a plastic bag, yes you’re reusing said plastic bag, but God knows what damage could be done to your item. I sell on eBay, but there’s depop and God knows how many others. Yes, they take a small fee and PayPal will take a small fee, but it’s still putting money into your account.

I’m selling clothes, jewellery and a small shit ton of vintage stuff on eBay. If you wanna have a peek or help a girl out, I’m at nini_wonderland (shameless promo #1). Do you get hassle, rude people and fake feedback? Yeah, you do, but honestly, block users like that. If people want an online eBay selling post, let me know because I’d be happy to do that!

3. Sponsorships/ Collaborations:
Bloggers bread and butter, but we live in a world where all you have to do is post on Instagram and you can get some money. I’ve recently become a brand ambassador for Halifornia apparel, and full disclosure, I get 20% of any sale I make and you get 20% off when my code is used (NIAS88520 to get said 20% off AND shameless promo #2). Sidenote quickly: an ethical brand with great quality clothing, but that’s for a different post.
Yes, it’s a way of making extra money, and as long as you tell people you are, where is the harm in it? If you have any sort of following, give it a go because it’s a way to keep you going.

4. User Testing Sites:
I haven’t done this, but I know friends who do; you test a site for a company, give feedback, and you’ve got some money going into your bank. Does it take time? Yeah, but in this world, you have to work for money, and this isn’t too time consuming or strenuous. I’m gonna give it a go, and when I do, I’ll link some sites which are legit- or if you know any, link me them in comments!

5. Paid Surveys:
This is something which is hit and miss; some sites are scamming you for information. But, I know one called Curious Cat which basically asks for your phone number and your email- it gives you money through PayPal instantly and if any linked surveys ask for more than your gender, age and district (North West, North East ect…) They will screen you out so you’re not giving away an unsafe amount of information. Again, if you know of any legit sites, link them in the comments!

6. Writing an e-book:
This takes time and effort, but God you can make some money. Pricing at £1.79 and above, Amazon (if you use that site- I am planning on it which is a hint at what I’ve been working on) will take some shares, but it goes to you and you get to share your work. If you’ve done this, link me and I’ll give it a read; I’m always looking for more things to read!

7. Selling Notes:
I’m midway thorough doing this (writing them up on my laptop because my handwriting is awful) with my Philosophy and RE notes from last year and some of my English Literature (hit me up if you need notes, I’ve got piles of them). You’re selling stuff you’ve worked on and passing knowledge. I see no issue with it; it’s your intellectual property, nobody can tell you what you can/can’t do with it.

8. Selling Photography:
Foap is a great place for this; I’ve done it and nobody has bought any of it yet, but there’s competitions to earn money, and you get your work out there- possibly linking to paid jobs if spotted by the right people (shameless promo #3, my account is here!)

9. Saving Change:
Yeah: those 2p’s and 1p’s you throw away add up; I’ve had £20 in change before now and after sticking it in a change machine, I’ve had spendable money. Save them up, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you realise that you do actually have money.

10. Sell Your Art:
I do this too on KoFi (shameless promo #4, my link is here). If you need money and can write, draw, do graphics work, tattoo designs: KoFi is the place- if you’re a blogger, I have a button on my blog itself so you can link your two accounts. You find people to do what they love and to possibly help them out with tight situations by donating money to them for the price of a coffee.

Those are my own tips for making a little bit of money, most tried and tested by myself. Links to any accounts I do have will be linked of course, and please tell me any tips you have (please, you’ll be helping a girl out😂).

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels!


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