Sober- Demi Lovato Review

Hello Angels!

I’m back and with a review of a song that honestly hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course, it’s Sober by Demi Lovato.

I love her: I think her voice is incredible, I love that she wants and did spread a message that everyone was beautiful. I love the fight she has and her strength.

One of the strongest things she’s done is release this.

The mass of brutal honesty and emotion throughout the entire thing leaves me breathless. If anyone knows how to come up with a truthful, honest ballad in this day and age, it’s gonna be Demi. She’s so open and gives you the harsh truth while you’re sat wishing that you could give her a hug.

But first impressions?

WOW. How vulnerable she is and how real she is shakes me and I felt as if was invading her privacy in a way by listening to this. My hairs stood up, my eyes welled up, my spine tingled and despite the current heatwave, I was shivering.

The chorus is the thing that brings it home and hurts me the most: I actually cried when she was apologising to her dad; after how open she is about the relationship she had him? Plus, after the echos and hints at the relationship they had in ‘For the Love of a Daughter‘ that kills me. In that way, in the talk of his addiction and her own, it has echos of Amy Winehouse’s ‘What is it About Men‘ in the fact it’s about history repeating itself and she sees the elements and a “freudian fate”. Not directly similar, but something I picked up on.

Apologising to her mum and her friends who’ve ‘never left me [her], we’ve been down this road before‘. It’s a song packed of apologies and emotion and regret, and there’s no talk of pinning the blame on someone else; she’s hard on herself and saying it’s down to her and the trigger of being lonely, but she also wants to get help and make it right.

The second verse is where I had to stop listening first time around because it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was sat in uni so sobbing into a mac wouldn’t have been the most wise thing to do. The apology to her future love for making love the way she did in her head and was saving for them in reality, showing she’s unsure and she feels as if she’s let them down. It could hint at misplaced passion and, linking to the fact that she’s said she’s lonely, that she missed signs or fell in order to not be lonely.

My favourite thing other than the rawness is the fact that there’s not too much going on. There’s nothing dramatic; just her and her vocals and she kills it.

The promises at the end to get help, that she’ll get better, I wanted to hug her. She did so well to get so far, but recovery from anything is difficult; whether it be from alcoholism, drug addiction, self harm, eating disorders.

There is no need to apologise for falling at a hurdle; we’re human and we fall sometimes. The important thing is we recognise that we’ve fallen and we get back up and start the race again.

There are many reasons this song resonated with me as much as it did, and while I’m open with you all a lot more now, I don’t want to go into the reasons because a lot of them aren’t coming from me personally, but friends and family.

I’ve seen so many people saying they relate to the song, and while it breaks my heart, it’s as if this one song has caused a ripple of bravery to share own stories in however they feel that it relates to them.

This is a song I found difficult to talk about because of how much it hit me but also because it’s not a song for fame or money or to top charts. It’s a statement and a promise saying things which can be difficult to outright say.

I’m proud to say that Demi is a role model of mine. The strength and passion she has and how many lives she’s changed and helped is undeniable. She’s a powerful woman and I do admire her.

I know that this wasn’t too much of a review and more opinions/over view, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t put it into words. I couldn’t properly review something so raw.

Go listen; you’ll see for yourself.

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Stay safe and stay happy Angels❤️

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