Updated Hair Care/ Advice

Hello Angels!

Those of you who have been here awhile know I’m prone to a hair dye change… You can see a mildly out of date timeline here- these were all using chemical dyes, I’d used henna dyes even before that point.

But, my last hair care post (here) is about 2 years old now, and I’ve learned a lot in my time since then.

So here’s some tried/tested advice- and no, I’m not a professional and all hair types are different. This is from personal experience!

1) Don’t Over Bleach:
I used to bleach my hair every time I dyed it, unless it was darker than the colour I was going over it with… In that case, I’d bleach bath it or use colour remover which is still unnecessary chemicals on your head.
My updated advice? Bitch don’t do it unless you have to. Pick a similar colour and fade it to your desired colour. For example, if I wanted to go pink, I’m orange at the moment, so I’d start dying it red until it got to a point where I could dye it pink.
So, an orange dye and an orange based red dye, a orange based red dye and pink based red dye, two pink based red dyes, then a pink and a pink/red, the 2 pink.
It’s better for your hair and while transfering to different colours, you might find one which you prefer. The only time I’ll be using bleach is for my roots now; I gotta look after my hair.

2) Take Vitamins:
I know I sound like a nagging parent, but take your fucking vitamins. I’ve taken all types before from the Instagram ones to the Tesco own ones to pharmacy ones.
Shameless promo, but if you want to try ones I’ve used before, Hairbust is a decent choice (shameless plug, I have the code ANGELS for 10% off until the 8/11/18). Or, I’ve also used other brands and own brands and they’ve helped too.
As usual, I’m transparent and I do get commission of 4%, but I only work with brands relevant to me and brands I trust. I’ve used both and bought through others to text quality, and it’s there.
That aside, vitamins are important; they have been proven to help hair get stronger and grow more because if you’re healthy on the inside, your body starts showing it through longer nails, clearer skin and shinier, faster growing hair.

3) Use things with natural ingredients/ sls free:
It helps, trust me: again, I’ve used Hairbust stuff and I’ve used stuff from Bodycare (still an Inecto fan) and both have made my hair a lot happier, especially since I do have coloured hair. SLS free means that there’s none of the soaps that go into it and your hair may feel a little weird for a few days after you start using it, but it will appreciate you in the long run.
If you’ve got coloured hair like me, it stops your colour stripping while also cleaning it. If you’ve not, then you’re not putting unnecessary waxes and chemicals on your head. I’ve noticed mine growing since using SLS free shampoo or natural based ingredient shampoo in the mix with hair gummies and vitamins. My hair was very damaged so it’s a relief to me.

4) Don’t Wash it Every Day:
When you wash your hair every day, you get rid of oils in your scalp: that SOUNDS good, but in the long run, it really isn’t. It means that your scalp works overtime to produce more oils again and then you wash your hair more and it’s a vicious cycle of hair washing. I personally go for 2/3 times a week; then it’s still clean but it’s not being washed constantly, and with dyed hair (getting on to that next) the more you wash it, the more it fades, and I can’t deal with constant dying of hair. It’s a lotta work (especially for my mum who does it for me because doing your own roots with semi permanent is a hassle).

5) Use Semi-Permanent Dyes:
If you get the right brand, they last just as long as permanent dyes, and give a good colour pay off. Yes, you probably do have to bleach it unless you’re blonde, but it’ll save your hair in the long run; one bleach then just tiny root touch ups are better for your hair than constant permanent dyes.
I’d recommend Directions– no, I’m not an affiliate and I don’t have codes, but because my hair is in best condition when using their dyes. The payoff is fantastic and I only really need to dye it after a month and a half (mostly due to roots though). Stargazer are also good, but I’ll warn you: blue based dyes never fucking leave and if you wanna go opposite end of the colour wheel, you’ll need to bleach and go for months doing the colour process mentioned above.

6) Trim it regularly:
Split ends do damage your hair; the longer you leave them, the longer they climb up your hair and it ends up thinning and damaged. Trim them every month or so and you’ll notice your hair is healthier and the length grows back in no time.

7) Look after you:
If you look after yourself and you’re healthy, your hair will be healthy too. Eating fresh food and lots of fruit and vegetables is proven to help hair grow, which is why people typically say a vegetarians hair grows faster than other diets. I’m not a veggie so I can’t confirm or deny, but I know that the more foods with vitamins in you eat, the healthier both you and your hair will be.

8) Heat Protection:
This one should be obvious, but I’ll put it out there anyway; avoid heat on your hair, but if you’re gonna use heat, get a heat protection spray- my current one is here, but I also had an argan oil one from when my hair was REALLY damaged which I’ll link here. I’ve got a few, but I got one from Bodycare that protect from heat up to 200°- in the recent heatwave, I’ve even used it when I’ve been out and about daily. I’m unsure if it does anything, but it’s worth a go.

9) Leave in conditioner/spray conditioner:
I’ve used a keratin leave in conditioner which I’ll link here, but I’ve recently used Palmer’s coconut leave in conditioner (I’m not sponsored for either, just bloody love the products). I have curly hair and it dries out really easily, and I found out that it’s helped it out a lot- and also, if I use dry shampoo on the roots and leave in conditioner on the ends, if makes my hair last that extra day.

Those are my updated tips. I can’t say they’ll work for everyone because our bodies are different and need different things, but I can say from my point of view that my hair has been healthier since I’ve started doing these things more.

I’ve started doing the curly girl method recently and my curl pattern and the quality of my hair has improved massively as well as giving it a mini growth spurt- if you want a post about it, hit me up and let me know; I’d be happy to do one!

Let me know if you have any haircare tips- I’m always looking for more!

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ❤️


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