Calling Out the Instagram Diet Industry

Hello Angels!

I have about 10 posts lined up, but this one I had to push forward. As many of you know, I started a body positivity/ eating disorder awareness and recovery campaign awhile ago.

In this, I’ve spoken about Photoshop on social media, the modelling world, the fashion industry, disability, mental health and diet companies. DESPITE this, I’ve been approached by many diet companies asking me to promote them and to be an ambassador.

Fuck you, first of all.

But first, let me put it this way eloquently: instead of just looking over my top 3 Instagram posts (one being a post about body positivity and the fact I had an eating disorder), maybe read the captions. Maybe look at ‘body positive’ in my bio. Maybe do a TINY bit of research before coming to me to promote your products.

Flat Tummy Tea? Really unhealthy- I’ve done a post on detox teas which I’ll post here. Basically, you shit your brains out and there’s damage going on inside your body to your organs. Yes, you’re skinny, but you also may be dying- I personally would like to have a little bit to grab and alive than skinny and dying. Sane with the boo-tea tea. These products have killed people, and they’re often sold by ‘body positive’ people. Enjoy your diarrhoea inducing tea, I’ll have a normal cuppa.

The weight loss wraps? They don’t really do anything. They play on your mind of what you wanna see. They also tell you to exercise and eat well while using them, so maybe that is the progress you’re seeing? They’re filled with caffeine that has been known to tighten skin and a whole lot of science I don’t really know about, but they’re still not healthy, and they, like anything else, can get addictive.

The lollipops? If you’re having a lollipop to stop yourself feeling hungry, please go to a doctor. Your body will never know what food it needs if you keep starving it and surpressing it. Lollipops are not going to help you lose weight. As a girl who used to eat them to give myself a sugar boost and not eat, that’s an eating disorder. Just now you get that with added chemicals.

The diet pills are the same: unless prescribed by a doctor, they’re probably no good. If you’re buying shit diet pills of Instagram sellers- not a company, just Instagram DM’s- then stop. And don’t buy diet pills unless prescribed, who knows what’s in them?

That brings us to the main point: don’t buy diet stuff from people on Instagram. Also, don’t sell diet stuff on Instagram. Do you know the dangers? Do you know the chemicals in them and the damage that could be done? YOU’RE liable if something goes wrong because you sold them. Yes, it’s also their own fault but you’re to blame too.

I’ll be honest: every person that’s tried to sell me something, I’ve unfollowed… I also unknowingly have unfollowed other people too, but that’s Instagram’s mess, not mine and for a different rant.

If you’re saying me and people who follow me would benefit from a diet pill or a drink, or hunger surpressants, fuck you. Like, just fuck you and do your fucking research. I’m not the person who’s gonna jump at a few free things and extra money in my pocket. I’m not putting others at risk to line my wallet. And fuck you for doing that.

I have no issue with dieting healthily; for eating good food, for treating yourself and I love exercise, I love the burn it gives and I’ve learned my limits. This isn’t about dieting or Weight Watchers or Slimming World. This is about shitty, harmful products being plugged online and companies selling tablets of diarrhea. The difference between norm diets and exercise and that bullshit is, that’s looking after my body and feeding it right. That’s not pumping chemicals into my body and ruining my organs so I can have a plastic surgery, Photoshop figure.

Basically, this is just a rant because people are idiots. They’re idiots who look at a number and not content. And they’re idiots for thinking with what’s in their pocket and not what’s in their head. They’re pathetic for plugging stuff that could kill people, could possibly make someone relapse.

This whole post is just a big fuck you to be honest, because this has been going on for months and I’m tired of blocking people and blocking it out, I’m calling you the fuck out. Next time, I’ll name and shame because to say I’m a perfect person to diet? Really fucking got to me and if it was a year ago, it could trigger me.

I’m sorry for this rant, but I needed to get it out there and off my chest.

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ❤️

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