Making Instagram Work

Hello Angels!

I wanted to do a post on something every blogger and every social media personality or influencer is wondering: how the fuck do you get Instagram to work for you?

For me personally, I can only give advice that has worked for me personally; within the past 6 months or so, I’ve gone up over 1000 followers with at least 100 likes per picture. I know that that’s not a lot of growth in that time frame, but it’s realistic and the more followers you have, the faster you grow. They’re not bought, no likes are bought and it’s all organic.

This works because when you follow someone, you come up in recommend people to follow. You also may come on explore feeds more; there are posts that have 50 likes or so on the explore page so you may appear there too in recommended posts. It’s not just the best and most popular accounts if you know your audience and how to reach them.

My second piece of advice is that you post daily. Instagram’s algorithm punishes you for not posting daily; the longer you leave it, the lower you’ll be on the feed and less likely your posts will be seen. I try and post every day, even if I only leave it up for a day to then delete/archive it. I try not to and I try to post quality stuff and stuff that has a message. Because I’m a music/body positivity blog mostly, I try to cater to that.

Hashtags are something I know shit about; some people say you post 5, some people say 30 (the maximum amount). Some people say put it in the caption, other people say put it in the comments. I usually put 30 because it reaches the most amount of people and fits in the most amount of categories. I put it in the caption mostly because it’s the way I’ve always done it. I don’t know if it goes for or against the algorithm, it’s just how I’ve always done it and will continue to do because it works for me.

Also avoid tags like ‘follow for follow’ or ‘like for like’. When I was first starting off, I admit I used them and have no shame in admitting it; it got my posts seen. As I’ve built a following, I stopped. The likes are often counted as spam likes, which although count as the number rises, Instagram don’t count them and again, your posts aren’t actually gonna get on the explore page.

Don’t fucking buy followers. Again, when you have 10k followers and you’re begging for likes, it shows how you got those 10k followers; either through the gain train shit or through buying them. Bot accounts or bought accounts are first of all against Instagram guidelines, but also they are beginning to get deleted so your followers? They’re going down (yelling timber).

Don’t play the follow/unfollow game. If you’re part of a followers train on twitter or something, just follow the people you’re interested in, not follow someone for a day then unfollow them. I have the app that tells you who’s unfollowed you and when and I could name and shame bloggers, but I’ll not for now. I’ve had one woman follow/unfollow me 5 times now. Girls I see you, I’m not playing your game again. Yes, Instagram have unfollowed people randomly recently, but you notice that shit. If I’ve unfollowed anyone let me know; I unfollow those who unfollow me and that’s about it. But don’t play the game, it’s petty and immature.

On that note, don’t be a petty bitch and burn your bridges. There’s a girl who unfollowed me because apparently I joined then unjoined a live video she did from inside my pocket. Because I entered then left I was unfollowed. Don’t be petty and don’t think you’re all high and mighty; usually, that’s why your follower count is dropping. If you’re a straight up bitch, people aren’t gonna stand for that shit.

Follow those who will enjoy your content. I post music stuff, body positivity stuff and I have a more vintage/ alternative style. So you know who I follow? Musicians, people who are alternative and people who like vintage. I look for people who might need a body positive message or also share that message. If people like your content, the more likely they are to follow you. Don’t just follow other bloggers. Yes, follow bloggers and show support, but follow others too.

Stop looking at numbers. I’m following about 1000 people. I have 2000-ish people following me. I know some bloggers and influencers who will point blank refuse to follow more people than are following them, love, who the fuck cares? No company gives a shit about how many people you follow, they give a shit about engagement. If you’re following 4000 people but 3000 people follow you and you’re getting a lot of comments and likes, they don’t give a shit about the people you’re following. Many will ask for 3000+ followers, but they do not care about your following count.

Comment and like other people’s posts. If you engage with others they’ll engage with you. If you see someone asking for advice on their story, give them advice. If you like someone’s shoes, fucking tell them. A 4 word comment (under that can be counted as spam) can both rise someone up a feed and make their day. Engagement is key; it’s called fucking SOCIAL media for a reason.

Furthermore, comment stuff that actually makes sense and actually has something to do with the picture. Instagram’s algorithm shows that if you completely ignore a caption and post fly away comments consistently, you’re marked as a bot and you lower your reach. Either don’t comment or comment something that connects to their caption. Also, imagine trying to put a load of effort in to a caption and it goes ignored?

Stop seeing others as competition. It’ll actually hold you back in the end. If you flip the advice I give on it’s head, you’ll be the one who suffers in the end. If you try and drag others down so you’re top dog, you’ll just drag yourself down.

Stop being a fucking bitch. Or bastard, not to be sexist. Stop going after people and burning bridges. Stop thinking the amount of followers you have on any platform makes you better. You’re not; everyone has their niche. This isn’t going to directly effect your reach, but it’s just life advice.

I know this came off as a rant and I am ranting. So many people are bitches on Instagram and so many people are trying to damage your reach. But, it’s also a little advice. A little help, because I’ve grown organically and steadily over a few months and thought I’d share what helped me out a lot!

If you want to keep up with me on Instagram and don’t already, I’ll leave my link here- let me know if you have so I can give a little love!

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ❤️

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