Halloween Week

Hello Angels!

I wanted to do a little daily post this week on all things Halloween, and of course, linking in as much music and humour- it’s where I specialise.

First of all, just a little update: I’ve been gone awhile because finding a work/uni/social/blog/self care balance has been a slight trial. I’m back on track with it, but it’s been difficult. So I wanted to do a little something just to get me back in the swing of things. I’m by no means going to be posting every day, but more regularly.

I’m also gonna give full disclosure: a lot of these posts are going to be pre written and scheduled because I may be off work and uni, but I still have uni work to do and a busy week ahead of me (including seeing 5 Seconds of Summer which I’m honestly still in shock about and shout out to my boyfriend for making it happen).

This isn’t really Halloween-y and it’s not a long post or something which has taken hours to research and write, but it’s just a little explanation to where I’ve been and what kinds of things will be popping up this week.

I’ve got a range of stuff coming your way- of course, I’m a music blogger and focusing on music so I’ve got a variety of playlists coming your way: mg personal Halloween playlist, songs which are creepier when you read the lyrics, my favourite songs from Halloween and horror films and one which has taken DAYS to write up. All of them will have reasons and descriptions so they’ve been a lot of work to write, and not just a quick list.

There will be the return of Halloween jokes and chat up lines after people loved them last year, and some stuff about Halloween itself as a tradition and scarier stories. There’s gonna be a lot Halloween (doesn’t look like a word at this point) and a lot of dark and scary mixed with light hearted and spooky.

I hope you all enjoy and stick with me for this week. A lot of stuff is going on, a lot of stuff is coming your way and I’ve been working my arse off behind the scenes for some stuff.

Stay safe and stay spooky Angels❤️🎃

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