Halloween Chat-up Lines and Responses: Halloween Week

Hello Angels!

I did this for blogtober last year and people seemed to love it. There’s something about people appreciating your sass that makes you feel whole.

So, I’m back with more cringe worthy chat up lines (if you wanna use them) and how you reject said shit lines. Thank me later😘

1. I may be a skeleton but I can still lend you a bone
ALTERNATIVE: Nice bones, can I have one too?
Reply: Fuck off*
Reply 2: If you try that line again I’ll break it off

2. Are those sweets I feel or are you happy to see me?
Reply: Well I’m definitely not happy to see you so

3. I’ll give you a thrill tonight
Reply: Is it you leaving?

4. I’ll have you screaming tonight
Reply: Is it with laughter or pain at the shit line?

5. Hey pumpkin, I bet I can put a smile on your face!
Reply: You’d have to carve it on.

6. Is blood the only thing you suck?Reply: Yes.
Reply 2: No, I’ll suck the joy out of your life
Reply 3: Are chat up lines the only thing you suck at?

7. Can you feel magic in the air or is it just me?
Reply: It’s just you.
Reply 2: That’s just air pollution.

9. You look so good, you’re making my man-bits rise from the dead.
Reply: Is that why it looks decomposed?
Reply 2: So did some snap off when you died or?

10. You look boo-tiful tonight!
Reply: With that line, I’m also ghosting you

11. You look hauntingly beautiful tonight…
Reply: That line will haunt both yours and my nightmares

12. Are you a pumpkin? Because I’d rip your insides out
Reply: Maybe because intestines smell as bad as pumpkins
Reply 2: That’s disturbing, I’m calling the police.
Reply 3: Are you? Because I’d rip yours out and sacrifice you to Satan

13. How about I mix Halloween and Christmas and give you a treat from my sack?
Reply: Is the treat you leaving in a sack?
Reply 2: Use your sack as a body bag and get in it.
Reply 3: Doesn’t look big enough to give me a treat

14. I wanna ask you out, but I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. And worms. And maggots…
Reply: Is it because that line is dead?
Reply 2: So you’re dead inside?
Reply 3: Also probably crabs elsewhere.

15. There’s no trick in my pants, only a treat.
Reply: *squint*
Reply 2: That sentence is a trick

16. With buns like those you should’ve dressed as a baker this year.
Reply: And you a butcher because you’re butchering these lines

17. Seeing as you’re a pirate, do you wanna search me for buried treasure?
Reply: I’d have to search really hard
Reply 2: I’d have to dig really deep.

18. Cinderella, I must take you home! It’s nearly midnight!
Reply: Is it so you don’t turn back into a pumpkin?
Reply 2: I’m gonna stay, I preferred you as a silent pumpkin.

19. Want to share my costume and get in between the sheet?
Reply: I have no idea what’s been on that sheet other than a creep.

20. That mask is becoming of you… Maybe I’ll be coming on you too.
Reply: It’s not a mask
Reply 2: The only thing you’ll be coming on is your hand
Reply 3: The only thing you’ll be coming on is around after I punch you.

*”Fuck off” can be used as a response to all of the chat up lines listed.

There you have it! 20 chat up lines and ways to reject them. Have you got any? Let me know!

Stay safe and stay spooky Angels ❤️

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