5 Halloween True Crimes: Halloween Week


I wanted to do a post on something a little different for me, but if you know me personally, you know that this is something I’m incredibly interested in: true crime.

I’ve been doing masses of research for this post (I’ll list the places I found my sources at the end: a lot of it was heavily taken from 2/3 sites, so thank you to those) and a few others on true crime that happened on Halloween, and here, I’ll go over the 5 I found the most interesting. I know it’s a change to my usual posts, but I thought I’d mix it up a little.

Plus, nothing scarier than the reality of human nature.

1. The Murders of Ronald Sismen and Elizabeth Platzan
In Manhattan, Halloween night of 1981, Ronald Sisman and Elizabeth Platzman were murdered in their apartment. The couple were beaten before being shot in the head, and their apartment completely ransacked.
New York police had initially believed drug money to be the motive.
Though, the case then took a turn when a prison informant claimed that one of his fellow inmates had predicted the crime weeks before it actually happened.
That inmate was David Berkowitz, known as the “Son of Sam” killer who had also long been rumored to be involved with a satanic cult.
The informant reported that Berkowitz had told him that this satanic cult was planning to enter a residence near Greenwich Village on Halloween night to carry out a ritual murder. This fitted the murder of Ronald and Elizabeth.
Berkowitz claimed in his questioning that Sisman had footage of one of the “Son of Sam” shootings and he had been planning to hand it over to the authorities. Although there is no hard proof to these claims, despite his incredibly accurate description of the murders taken place and Sisman’s flat, the case has remained unsolved.

2. The Murder of Peter Fabino
Halloween night, 1957, Peter Fabino answered the door to his Los Angeles home expecting to see a young trick or treater. Instead, he was greeted by an adult with a .22 hidden in a paper bag. Fabino was shot, and the attacker fled the scene of the murder.
More of a trick than a treat.
When investigating, things took a turn for the (even more) dramatic when several weeks later Goldyne Piza and Joan Rabel were arrested for murder, with a twist of passion and romance.
With a reported relationship (whether platonic or romantic nobody is sure of) between Fabino and Rabel, Fabiano’s wife Betty has also attracted the attention of Rabel. With conspiring for his murder, Rabel bought the gun for Piza who then committed the murder: the women pled guilty.
The arrests didn’t help the view that people had on lesbians and gay people, and the view of them being evil, abnormal monsters who had urges to murder was created.
Nice going gals, you put others through hell just because you fancied a blokes wife!

3. The Liske Murders
In 2014, the night before Halloween, 16 year old Devon Griffin decided to spend the night at his father’s house: a choice that would actually actually save his life…
The morning of Halloween was normal: he got up, said goodbye to his dad and drove up to his mum and step dad’s house in Ohio, where it had been planned he’d stay the week.
After he arrived, he got changed, said hello to his step brother, William Liske Jr., and then went to church: so far, as I said, a completely normal day. He hadn’t seen the rest of his family, but had thought nothing of it.
This all changed when he got home and he realised everything had been strangely quiet, and there were still no sign of his family, so he went and looked around.
This is when he found the mutilated corpse of his step father William Liske Sr.. Lay next to him, his mother, Susan Liske, was also murdered. Police would find later she’d also been raped.
Devon’s full brother, Derek Griffin, was found lay in his own bed, his head smashed with a hammer.
25 year old Liske Jr., pleaded guilty to all 3 murders: first was Derek, then his father, then he raped then killed Susan. Sickeningly, due to his guilty plea, he escaped the death penality and is now serving a life sentence in prison.

4. The Timothy O’Bryan Murder
The death of 8 year old Timothy O’Bryan happened on Halloween night of 1974. After going trick or treatining with his family, his father, Ronald Clark O’Bryan, gave him some Pixie Stix to finish off the night: “One last bit of candy.”
That was Timothy’s last night altogether; less than an hour later, he was dead due to cyanide poisoning.
At first, it was thought there was a neighbour or a person handing out sweets which have been laced with cyanide.
Then, after monitoring Ronald, police took him into custody; his story had changed too many times, and it was found he’d recently took life insurance out for his kids.
None of the others had ate the Pixie Stix, and they were all still alive. It was found that he’d tried to lace his daughter and 3 other children’s sweets with cyanide too to carry on the story.
After being found guilty, he was executed in 1984, and was $100,000 in debt at the time.

Wouldn’t it have looked more suspicious if all of his children and his alone had been poisoned? Like, if you’re gonna commit murder, think about how it’d look overall? Not telling you how to kill people but come on.

The San Antonio Killings
Halloween night of 2016 was a weird one. At a party held, a guest turned up dressed as Freddie Krueger: not something out of the ordinary for a Halloween party.
At said party though, Freddie Krueger pulled out a shotgun and shot 5 guests after an argument had occurred and he’d been asked to leave. Reports differ on the amount: some say 2 people died and 5 were left injured, some say it was only 5 people.
From the little coverage I can find, it’s gone unsolved and nobody could find out who Freddie was: he was an uninvited guest and with a costume on, he was completely unidentifiable.

If you know any more on this case, let me know! I hate things going unsolved but there’s so little I could find on this.


The Stabbing of The Cookie Monster

In 2016, a man dressed as the Cookie Monster was stabbed after attempted to break up a fight between a man dressed as a Native American and a Tuskegee Airman (a black era military pilot from WWII).
The Cookie Monster was identified as 24 year old Christopher Ramos, who was stabbed by the airman. He survived, but suffered a lacerated spleen in the attack.

I needed to include the Cookie Monster one, it’s just the most bizarre thing.

But, there you have it: crimes committed on Halloween. I didn’t go into a lot of detail as otherwise this post would be even longer, BUT, I’ll do more true crime posts if it’s something people are interested in?

Below will be the site’s I’ve used to gather all of this.

Stay safe and stay spooky ❤️







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    1. I thought of the same thing! The fact it’s unsolved freaks me out too, because what if the same person kept doing it?
      Thank you for the love gal, there’s more coming!😘


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