10 Best Halloween/ Horror Film Songs: Halloween Week

Hello Angels!

I’m giving you playlists here, I’m hoping you’re enjoying them and I’m hoping you’re finding new bops.
Today, it’s a list of 10 songs from horror films that I think are the best (and weirdest) choices and had the most impact. As usual, all will be added to my Halloween Spotify playlist which I’ll add here.

House of the Rising Sun- The Animals (House of Wax)
While on my watch list I’ve never seen the entire thing, but from clips I’ve seen, I think this song is a perfect fit. The slow pace, the deliberate tone and rhythm, the hypnotic repetition, how stripped back it can be. I used to actually just be scared of this song for no real reason, just gave me the creeps.

This is Halloween- Nightmare Before Christmas
While I lean towards it being a Christmas film, I watch this all year around and this song is about Halloween so I’ll include it. From the second October starts, I’m singing this. I’m Halloween town, I count down the days until Halloween, this song might be my theme tune. I dare you to not sing along when you hear it.

Dayo (Banana Boat Song)- Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice)
AN ICONIC SCENE. Beetlejuice is one of my all time favourite films, and although funnier and less horror, it’s still a little unnerving at times and don’t recommend for small children. In true Tim Burton style, it’s weird, wonderful and pretty dark too (what with Winona Ryder’s characters craving of death and Beetlejuice trying to marry a child).

Stuck in the Middle With You- Steelers Wheel (Reservoir Dogs)
Not a Halloween film really, or a horror film, but the contrast between what happens in this scene and the music? Sets you the fuck on edge and it’s dark. Who says all Halloween films have to be horror? Also how many people go as characters from Reservoir Dogs for Halloween? Here for it, a Tarintino favourite of mine and my all time favourite song.

Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show
It’s played at every Halloween party, is it not? There’s a reason for it; it’s upbeat and it gets everybody dancing. Pretty much every person of age knows this, and most kids do to at this point. I’d also be killed if I didn’t put this on the list and I’ve got more posts to do, don’t kill me yet.

Who Made Who- AC/DC (Maximum Overdrive)
Okay so I wasn’t a huge fan of the film in general. It wasn’t that good, Stephen King really isn’t the top of the list when directing is concerned. BUT, him wanting AC/DC music in the film when he first started planning it? He scores points, and the music is honestly the highlight. Just after you hear it, it goes downhill… But this isn’t about films that much- it’s more about the music, and this is perfect.

Love Will Tear us Apart- Joy Division (Donnie Darko)
A cult classic film with an incredible soundtrack, but this one stands out to me, and not just because I love the song. Played at the Halloween party, we also see Frank make an appearance. Frank is terrifying, Donnie losing the plot is unnerving, the film is a perfect non-Halloween creepy film.

People Are Strange- Echo and the Bunnymen (The Lost Boys)
I VERY nearly went for ‘Cry Little Sister’ by G Tom Mac, but this cover of The Doors song just beat it. If you’re tired of sparkly, young, attractive vampires, go for these more gory, young, attractive vampires from Lost Boys. Never looked at Twilight the same, definitely a firm vampire film favourite with an incredible soundtrack.

Bad Moon Rising- Creedence Clearwater Survival (An American Werewolf in London)
Did you really think I’d miss this off? After seeing this film only last year (don’t judge) I fell in love with it. The fact that this is played just before the transformation scene is tounge-and-cheek just like the rest of the film, fits perfectly and is one of my happy songs. If this isn’t played at a Halloween party, fix it.

Don’t Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult (Halloween)

Another one that if you expected me to miss, you’re wrong. One of my all time favourite songs and is haunting enough without being used in horror films like the ICONIC Halloween movie and also TV (Supernatural has an incredible soundtrack every season). Not the scariest film, but one that caused many copycat films after it, this gem from B.O.C will always just make it better.

Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge (American Horror Story: Hotel)
I bent the rules slightly on this one because it’s a TV program, I know, but this song was so perfect for this scene that I couldn’t not include it at all, so it’s a little bonus. It was a horrifying scene in parts, showing darkness of humans and also the gore we love with American Horror Story, but it’s so catchy. Definitely one people will be moving to.

So there we go! 10 (and a bonus) songs from Halloween or Horror films that are close to my heart- an incredibly difficult task. Tell me some if yours! Have I missed any glaringly obvious ones? Let me know!

Stay safe and stay spooky Angels ❤️🎃

2 Replies to “10 Best Halloween/ Horror Film Songs: Halloween Week”

    1. See, my mind was so focused on stuff you’d hear at a Halloween party (playlist for a friend) it slipped my mind😭 Genuinely kicking myself for it, it’s such an obvious one! Xx


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