The Old Playlist Tag/Challenge

Hello Angels!

So, I was reading through old posts, seeing music challenges (my bop or flop was very surprising) and I saw a gap.
Where are the posts on us going back to our playlists from years ago?!

So, here is what I came up with: we put our old playlists on shuffle. Or we find an old mix CD and put it on shuffle. Note down the first 10, then write a little bit about them.
As a heads up, I tag anyone who reads this to give it a go (give me credit, it’s my shit idea). Don’t be embarrassed: while the music on mine is actually not that bad, I’m still slightly ashamed that this used to be my jam.
The link to this will be on my Spotify if you want to get into it in full.

10. Fade Into the Background- Ne-Yo
This is actually a great song, I have no shame in this being on the list. In the good old(er) days, we could rely on him to bring the sad, heart breaking songs, could always turn to his soulful and smooth voice. I don’t know what happened to Ne-Yo but if he still sounded like this, I might know what happened to him. I lost interest after he started hanging around with Pit Bull.

9. Through With Love- Destiny’s Child
I used to belt this out whenever it came on, sod the fact that I’d never been in love back then, this made me feel like I was treated wrongly and was pissed about it… Turns out it’d end up being accurate at many points of my life. The fact that we’ll written songs can make you feel like you’re in a place you’ve never been is a magical thing.

8. Leavin’- Jesse McCartney
OKAY, NOBODY TOLD ME THIS HAD HIDDEN FILTH. Listening to this again, only now am I shook. It’s still a bop, but bloody hell, a child should not have been singing and dancing along to this. What happened to just wanting a beautiful soul? This, and then Shake (outraged it’s not on Spotify)? He left the angelic intentions behind as well as the blonde, floppy hair.
All this being said, it has been downloaded again.

7. Sober- P!nk
Again, another great song and child me didn’t have bad fucking taste. I’ve always loved P!nk, and although I could appreciate how sad the song was back then, now it’s like a shit ton of bricks. Her voice just gets better and she sings from the heart. Have fun sobbing while listening to this.

6. Don’t Speak- No Doubt
This is hints of my alternative roots (in a way) coming through. It’s a song I bet most people know, even if they don’t know what it’s called or who it’s by. Gwen Stefani was a babe, and I used to make me feel (and still does) that I should take no shit. Don’t Speak has turned into Shut the Fuck Up.

5. 3 Spoons of Suga- Sugababes
Right, this is a fucking good pop song and everyone was sleeping on it then and they still are now. Only now do I understand the lyrics (and appreciate the pun) but even then I appreciated how much it pumped me up. Another one redownloaded, and I have NO shame.

4. Biolgy- Girls Aloud
Okay, so while it’s not one I’ll go back to a lot, it’s a damn good pop song: it’s catchy, it’s simple enough to sing along to, it’s upbeat. It’s a good pop song and I honestly forgot it existed. Fun fact: I own pretty much every Girls Aloud album, or did at some point.

3. The Show- Lenka
This is a really twee song. It’s very happy and friendly and PG, I can imagine it in a kids TV show. But there’s something I’ve always liked about that, and even then, I just found the song… Cute? I liked it just because the song was so sweet and innocent. I think this was a one hit wonder, BUT, she does have new music out. Spoiler: she still is and sounds as cute as she did then.

2. Irreplaceable- Beyoncé
BITCH YOU THOUGHT? Of course Queen B would be on my list somewhere here, and yes, yes I definitely still do belt this out whenever it is played. A song filed with sass, and bitterness? I think this song helped shape me as a person. Like with Destiny’s Child, I didn’t relate when I belted it back then, but I definitely have been able to relate since.

1. Caught Up- Usher
This is a song I dare you to not bob your head to when you hear it, especially that intro and first verse. Double fucking dare you. I still love this song and I can’t believe I forgot about it. Shout out to pre-emo Nia: you’re giving me some great shit here.

So, from this list, you can see my taste has changed a lot; while some of this is great, it’s not something I listen to a lot or would choose to listen to. Some stuff I forgot was great, I got dragged into the not liking pop music thing.
Although this is just a fun tag, here’s a lesson: like what you fucking like. Who cares if it fits your ‘image’? If you like it, fucking listen to it. You bet your arse I’ll be trying to not dance down the street listening to Usher.

So, here’s the challenge: YOU find an old tape you made or CD or playlist. Make a blog post listing 10 songs. I challenge you to share your old playlists, as embarrassing or as unexpected as they may be. Tag me in a tweet if you do it and I’ll share it.

Stay safe and stay happy, Angels❤️

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