Who Do You Love?- 5 Seconds of Summer and The Chainsmokers: Review

Hello Angels!

We all know at this point that I’m a very firm fan of 5 Seconds of Summer: I’ve seen them live (as you can tell from my Instagram), I’ve got every CD (Youngblood got a track by track review), I’ve got every B-Side I can find to download and I’ve got a tattoo booked inspired by them (‘Invisible’ if you’re wondering). I’m a huge fan to say the least.

I never paired them with The Chainsmokers though. They’re alright, they liked a selfie of mine a few years back and I thank them for that, but I’m not a huge fan. I think a lot of the reason I say that is I’ve got a lot of memories tied to the band that I’d rather forget at times.

Still, when ‘Who Do You Love?’ was announced and came out, I had it pre-saved on Spotify, and I had it downloaded the second I could download it. Gotta support my boys, right?

Prepare yourselves because here’s the thing: I was a tad disappointed.

Lyrically it’s brilliant. I love the fact that the lyrics actually tell a story. It sounds a lot to me like lyrics that could have been on a song on Youngblood, and I think that the writing on that album is phonomenal and I’ll say that until I’m blue in the face.

I feel like a lot of people can and will relate to the lyrics because it’s something I think a lot of people go through: dealing with being cheated on, staying, but knowing something is going on:

Yeah, you’ve been actin’ so conspicuous
You flip it on me, say I think too much
You’re movin’ different when we makin’ love
Baby, tell me, tell me

Who do you love, do you love now?
I wanna know the truth (Whoa)”

I know that I can relate after my past few relationships, and I know that fear will sneak into my next relationship, it’s something I think a lot of people can understand. Which is why I think that despite the things I don’t like at all about it (that’s to come), it’s still saved and it’s still being played. This isn’t one of my lyrical breakdown posts though, so I’m not gonna go deep in on it- I’m just gonna say, the lyrics and the vocals save it.

Vocally, I loved a lot of it (parts I hated and we’ll get onto that), but I thought it was great. Luke smashes it out like he always does, it’s something everyone has come to expect. Calum is as iconic as always (we know I support my fellow bassist and singer, it’s a fucking skill to multitask both). I’d have liked more Michael but the little we got of him was great… But we FINALLY get more of Ashton singing and you have no clue how happy I was to hear his voice more.

Give him more chances to sing, he’s an angel and we’re all asking for it.

There was nothing vocally from The Chainsmokers/ Drew which I did appreciate. I think it was a wise choice; his voice is good, I think ‘This Feeling’ and ‘Beach House’ were two great tracks and again, great lyrically too. But they were working with a band of people who can sing and all of them do and have done for years. I liked how it was done in that sense.

It also was something I liked because there’s not enough of 5 Seconds of Summer in it. Both bands are big in their own right, but both have very different sounds, which can work if the balance is right. Instead of making a balance, it ended up very Chainsmokers-y, even with the lyrics reminding me off the tone on Youngblood and 5 Seconds of Summer all singing. When I listened, if you hadn’t have told me it was them, I’d have just thought it was The Chainsmokers with any band. It just didn’t fully mesh right for me.

Another bad side? The chorus. That fucking chorus brought it down and brought me down with it. What are the effects on the voice? What is the voice even really saying? I thought we’d gotten past this editing of voices to the point where nobody can understand what the fuck is being said, but it’s repeated and sounds like a demon being kicked in the nuts and talking into a pillow.

While you can hear their voices, it just doesn’t sound like them, especially that fucking chorus. It feels edited, it feels like their voices have been messed with slightly.

That being said, if you can get past the playing with voices and the questionable chorus, it’s a good song. I still do listen to it, and I can imagine it being a lot of people’s ‘Summer Song’s. I like the fact that very different bands work together, but sometimes it just doesn’t mesh perfectly.

So ‘Who Do You Love?’ Not this song, but I like it as a friend. Not in the way it wants me to feel, but I still like it enough to stay friends.

Stay safe and stay happy Angels ❤️

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