Most Listened to: March 2018

So, I know I’m running a little bit behind on this one, but I’ve been busy and I’ve not had a lot of time to write.

But, my most listened to of March is finally here, finally written, and it’s a mixed bag this month. As usual, the playlist will be on my Spotify if you wanna listen.

20. Bury Me Face Down- grandson
I just love this. grandson has featured on my most listened before, and be expecting it to be regular. There’s a lot of dark tones in his music and a lot of darker themes. I think he’s an incredible lyricist, and only his voice could really carry some of the lyrics off. If you had a run of the mill singer saying “I won’t go quietly, I’m bringing my crown” it might be more whiny or arrogant, meaning there’s less of an impact, meanwhile with him, it’s a fucking promise.

19. Angel on Fire- Halsey
The lyrics are something I’ve been listening to a lot and my stomach churns at parts like “I’m fading away, you know I used to be on fire” and “Nobody seems to ask about me anymore”. There’s something desperate and heartbreaking to the lyrics and her voice. Out of all the songs by Halsey people talk about, I feel like this one goes unnoticed and it’s one of the best from her last album (but that’s a different blog post).

18. Bad Things- Jace Everett
Different completely from the two above, there’s nothing really dark about this, nothing heartbreaking… Just a bloke singing about wanting to fuck someone, but done in a catchy, classy way. It’s a song that to me personally, will always make me feel sexier, will always make me feel like I have a bit of an edge, give me more of a strut in my walk. If you’re having a down day, just give it a listen.

17. Horns- Bryce Hall
I don’t remember how I found this, but it’s JUST missed being on my most played now every time and has been one of my most played songs for way over a year now. Merge Jace Everett and grandson and you get the kind of feel this song has: there’s darker lyrics but the same kind of tone as ‘Bad Things’: a man in love with a girl with “Horns if the devil, staring at me, there’s no where to run from the fire she breathes”. Basically, she’s a devil and he loves it and her. There’s so many elements to it though that you don’t really realise how much work will have gone into it. If you’ve not heard it, DEFINITELY give it a listen.

16. Permanent Vacation- 5 Seconds of Summer
So here’s the thing: I don’t usually listen to this song much. It’s far from my favourite by them. But I’ve found myself turning to it a lot and actively going looking for it. I think because a lot of what I’ve listened to has been darker, this is a lot more poppy and upbeat.
You really expected a list without 5 Seconds of Summer? Clearly you’re new here.

15. Piece of My Heart- Janis Joplin
I don’t honestly know what to say here. Sometimes, we need a bit of Joplin in our lives, and I have. I’ve needed the power and control and the boost. I think this is a song every person has sang along to at some point, something in it makes you sing along or get stuck in your head.

14. Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet
This song makes me feel a LITTLE slutty. I don’t know what it is, but it had that effect. But that aside, like Permanent Vacation, it’s upbeat and it’s happy and when you’re stuck in a room all day being able to do fuck all, you need that boost before you try and climb out the window.

13. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?- Led Zeppelin

12. Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang
Have you ever tried to fucking rap this? I don’t know how it’s done but I get stuck half way. A jokey, funny song which I dare you to not smile at. Again, being stuck in uni I need to entertain myself and if that is trying to learn Bad Touch, so may it be.

11. Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer
Lyrics. Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. Still one of my favourites from Youngblood, this has had a lasting impact on me.

10. Killer Queen- Queen
This is one of my favourite Queen songs.

9. Burnin’ Up- Jonas Brothers

Look, I accidentally bought a Jonas Brothers song in my sleep (don’t ask) so if I paid for it, I’m gonna listen to it. Just turns out it’s really catchy so I might have listened to it slightly too much.

8. NASA- Ariana Grande
I’m still in awe of her last album, and I’m sad that some of the songs on there weren’t lead singles- this one especially. Having a 90’s girl band feel to it, it would’ve dominated the charts as much as her others have. I’ll link the review I did here if you’re interested.

7. Thunderstruck- AC/DC
That guitar solo is enough of an explanation really. I’ve worked out more recently and my go to band is usually AC/DC just because they’re high energy, but I’m a huge fan. I’ll say I probably listen to them near enough every day, whether I need cheering up or building up for something or not.

6. Hustle- Pink

5. Lightweight- Demi Lovato

4. Breaking News- Machine Gun Kelly

3. House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance

2. Shout at the Moon- Mallory Knox

1. Invisible- 5 Seconds of Summer
If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know I just got my tattoo of lyrics from this song done. I’ve been listening to it non stop really, although it used to make me sob. It’s one that means a lot to me. A fan or not, give it a listen, it’s touching really.


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