Hello there!

I’m Nia. There’s honestly not a lot to say about me: I’m half Welsh with a lot of Irish heritage with a temper and alcohol tolerance to match, and I’m incredibly opinionated.

I started this blog years ago just for the sake of it: now I’m older (it’s been nearly 3 years) I’ve started using it to speak out about important topics and put my opinionated self out there… I also talk about hair dye and beauty stuff occasionally, but it’s mostly opinionated pieces.

I also am working on music which I’m trying to show a journey of and keep people notified on here: it’s slow, but it’s getting there in time.

But, stay safe, and stay happy, Angels ❤


2 Replies to “About”

    1. Hi!
      Of course, I’ll happily listen and review it for you- I’m always happy to help out artists, it should be up in a few days 🙂 If there are any ways that you want me to send the review to you when it’s up, let me know or contact me in some way
      Stay safe, stay happy and stay talented ;D


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